Xue Ying Ling Zhu – Chapter 1


Xue Ying Ling Zhu Chapter 1 [Teaser]

ObligatoryTLNote: Another fantastic teaser brought to you by NomYummi and the mighty weekend warrior. Enjoy.

TL: NomYummi
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy (aka The Weekend Warrior)


In the An Yang province of the empire, there exists a very unremarkable lordship known as Snow Eagle Nest!
[TL Note: Snow Eagle Nest = literally Xue Ying/Snow Eagle Commands]

The story starts here!

Extra Information: Snow Eagle Lord (雪鹰领主 Xue Ying Ling Zhu) is IET’s latest work, released on 6/14/15. It is ongoing with 30 chapters out so far. It is under the Xuan Huan category.

[TL Note: I wasn’t sure how to translate the title. 雪鹰 literally translates to Snow Eagle but could also be referring to the MC so the title could be Lord XueYing. 雪鹰领 is also the name of the MC’s territory so the title could also be Lord of the Land (Snow Eagle Nest).]

Chapter 1: Snow Eagle Nest

Long Shan Calendar Year 9616, Winter.
An Yang Province, Qing He Region, Yi Shui County.

An eight or nine year old boy with red lips and white teeth dressed in exquisitely tailored clothes made of white fur carried a sack on his back. He was currently dashing nimbly through the mountains. In his right hand he held a short spear of black wood as he chased a panicked and fleeing wild deer. The leaves of the surrounding trees shook off some snow, which gently drifted down.


The boy suddenly hoisted up the short spear. His body tilted slightly backwards as strength flowed from his waist to his right arm, and he gave a ferociously throw!

Shua! [Ed. note: this is a sfx]

The short spear in his hand flew through the air, hitting a few tree leaves as it covered a distance of 30 meters and scraped past the rear of the wild deer. Then, it stabbed into the depths of the snow, barely leaving a trace of blood on the wild deer’s behind. The wild deer immediately ran even faster with all of his might towards the depths of the mountains. Just as it was about to run out of sight…

Suddenly, with a whoosh, a rock flew out.

The rock turned into a ray of light as it traveled through the mountains, flying over 100 meters. With a thump, it pierced through the trunk of a large tree and precisely shot the wild deer in the head. The wild deer’s skull could not block it. It swayed from side to side as its momentum carried it forward 10 more meters before it crashed to the ground.

“Father.” The boy turned his head and looked into the distance, as he helplessly said: “Don’t help me. A little more and I would have hit it.”

“If I had not helped, that wild deer would have run off. Your short spear’s accuracy while dashing at high speeds is still a bit off. Tonight, go back and practice using the short spear another 500 times.” The forceful voice arrived from far away. In the distance, two figures walked side by side.

One of them was a rather sturdy middle-aged man with black hair and black eyes who carried a box of weapons on his back. The other figure was even bigger and sturdier. He stood over two meters in height, with arms thicker than most people’s thighs, but his head was that of a lion. He really did have a lion’s head and a human’s body! With his messy yellow hair draped over his shoulders, he was clearly one of the seldom seen “lion men” of the beastman race. He also carried a box of weapons.

The middle-aged man spoke with a smile: “Tong San, old friend, see how formidable my son is? He’s only eight years old this year, yet he already has the strength of a grown man.”

“Yes, Xue Ying is pretty good. In the future, it will not be a problem for him to grow stronger than you,” teased the brawny lion-man.

“Of course he’ll be stronger than me. When I was eight, I was still laughing around and playing with the village’s children. I didn’t understand anything. Only after entering the army did I have the chance to cultivate Dou Qi!” The middle-aged man sighed in regret. “As a father, I’m unable to provide perfect conditions for my child. But for the ones I can give, I’ll do so with great effort and train him properly.”

“Dong Ba, for you to become a Heaven Rank Knight after starting off as a commoner, and to even be able to purchase your own territory to become a lord is already very impressive.” The brawny lion-man smiled.

This middle-aged male was precisely the lord of a territory encompassing over 100 square kilometers: Baron Dong Ba Lie!

Baron was the lowest title of nobility in the Xia Dynasty’s Long Shan Empire. When the empire had first been established, the awarding of noble titles was very strict. The current empire had already existed for 9000 years. This colossus had already begun to decay so much so that the buying and selling of some low noble titles were all permitted by the government.
[TL Note: Order of nobility — Duke > Marquis > Count > Viscount > Baron]

At that time, Dong Ba Lie and his wife had decided to buy a noble title only because they had a child. After buying a piece of land, they had named the territory Snow Eagle Nest! It shared the same name as their son and clearly displayed their love for this son.

Of course, this was only a small piece of land in Yi Shui County.

“I only started cultivating Dou Qi when I was 20 years old. But my son is different. This year, he’s only eight. I estimate that once he’s around 10 years old he can begin cultivating Dou Qi. Ha ha, he will surely be more powerful than me.” Dong Ba Lie looked at the boy, his eyes filled with a father’s love and expectations for his son.

“Seeing his strength, 10 years old is about right.” The brawny lion-man also approved.

With their countless experiences, their foresights were naturally accurate.

“Father, you were able to throw a rock through that thick big tree from that far away?” The boy was currently standing next to it. His two hands hugged the tree but were unexpectedly unable to completely wrap around it. Its trunk had a huge hole. “For a tree this thick, ah, if you were to let me slowly chop it down, it would take a very very long time.”

“Now you know the power of a Heaven Rank Knight,” said the brawny lion-man. Dong Ba Lie also gave out a laugh. As a father, he still liked to show off in front of his son.

“As powerful as a god?” the boy deliberately curled his lips in a devious grin.


Dong Ba Lie and the brawny lion-man Tong San were suddenly silent.

The Long Shan Empire’s founder, the Long Shan Heavenly Emperor, was a formidable god. This was knowledge that almost all of the people in this world knew. Dong Ba Lie could be considered a brave individual within the army, but compared to a god? There was simply no comparison.

“It looks like tonight, practicing with the short spear another 500 times is too little. Yeah, go practice another 1000 times.” Dong Ba Lie licked his lips.

“Father!” The boy opened his eyes wide. “You, you… …”

“Looks like you still dare to argue with me! Remember, when arguing with your father, you will definitely suffer losses. Alright now, go back, go back.” Dong Ba Lie said.

The brawny lion-man ‘Tong San’ took out a flute from his neck, put it in his mouth and played a few low sounds. The sounds spread throughout the mountains.

Soon 20 armored soldiers rapidly rushed over.

“Take the hunted animal back.” Dong Ba Lie commanded.

“Yes, m’lord.” The soldiers respectfully responded.

Dong Ba Lie and the brawny lion-man brought the boy Xue Ying to the peak of the mountain. A large number of horses and approximately 100 soldiers were gathered here. On the spacious snow lay a huge white blanket on which sat a mysterious purple-gowned lady. Next to the purple-gowned lady, a child of two or three years of age ran and jumped around. The soldiers held a look of reverence for the purple-gowned lady.

Because this purple-gowned lady was a powerful mage!

“Little Rock, come look who’s here,” said the purple-gowned lady with a smile. The two or three year old child immediately turned his head to look and his eyes brightened.
[TL Note: Kid’s actual name Qing Shi means bluestone, so Little Rock is kind of like a nickname]

“Carry me, brother. Carry me, brother.” The child turned around and dashed over.

The purple-robed lady also smiled at this scene.

“Little Rock.” The boy Xue Ying immediately walked to the very front and crouched down. His younger brother Qing Shi threw himself into his embrace: “Carry me, brother. Carry me, brother.”

Xue Ying carried his younger brother and kissed him.

“Little Rock, I hunted a wild deer today. Look.” Xue Ying pointed to the wild deer being lifted by the soldiers behind.

“Mild veer? Mild veer?” The little brother Qing Shi opened his crow-black eyes wide as his mouth let out an unclear sound.

The little brother ‘Dong Ba Qing Shi’ was only two years old. Even though he tried hard to speak, his words were still unclear and he also didn’t really understand their meanings.

“It’s a wild deer, a type of animal found on the back slopes of our family’s mountain.”

“Xue Ying, why don’t you give me your little brother.” The purple-robed lady also got up and walked over.

“Yes, mother.” Xue Ying handed over his little brother.

The purple-robed lady said, “I brought some sweet olive cakes that are still hot. They’re in the basket, why don’t you hurry up and eat them?”

“Cake?” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened and his mouth watered. Realizing that he was drooling, he immediately dashed over.

“I want to eat. I want to eat.” The little brother Qing Shi immediately struggled from his mother’s embrace. He became most active whenever the phrase “eat cake” was mentioned. Otherwise, he was usually disobedient when eating.

“Of course there’s some for you, you little glutton.” The purple-robed lady saw Dong Ba Lie and the lion-man Tong San, “You two hurry up too, I also prepared some food for you to eat.”

“Ha ha … … Master is not only powerful in magic, but also in the kitchen,” said the brawny lion-man.

This lion-man had once been a slave when he was little, and had gone from being the purple-robed lady’s servant to one of her followers. Even though many years had passed and their relationship had grown to become like that of family, the brawny lion-man insisted on calling her “master”.


Once Xue Ying had his fill of food and drink, he looked into the distance. Because their camping spot was at the top of the mountain, he could see a few mountains and some farmland with a single glance. Everywhere he looked was his family’s territory. His mother and father, because of his birth, had stopped their days of adventuring, purchased the title of a noble, and bought a large piece of land. The entire strip of land had taken the name of Snow Eagle Nest!

Dong Ba Xue Ying did a big stretch, his face full of happiness.

He had a mother and father who loved him dearly. He had a cute little brother. He had the many kind people of his territory.

With this type of life, Dong Ba Xue Ying was extremely satisfied.

The only thing that gave him a headache was that his father’s training was too painful.

“Practicing with the short spear another 1000 times in addition to the original 500 times … … and the more important marksmanship, and the… …” Dong Ba Xue Ying’s face turned sour.


Nightfall, under the waning moon.

The wind whistles.

“Boom ~~~”

1000 meters above the ground, a giant bird flew quickly, looking like a black cloud.

This giant bird had four wings with a wingspan of over 20 meters. Its flying speed almost reached the speed of sound. It was the extremely tyrannical and terrible demon beast, the Four-Winged Vulture. On its back, two silhouettes sat with their legs crossed. One was a silver-armored man, while the other was robed in grey and carried a purple staff.

“Where are we?” asked the grey-robed person.

“Master, we have already entered Yi Shui County. I estimate that we will arrive at Snow Eagle Nest in half an hour.” The silver-armoured man looked downwards with an ice-cold gaze, clearly distinguishing his lower position.

“In another half an hour, I will finally see my sister.” The grey-robed person’s voice was complex. “You really are quite capable of hiding. Even when pursued by our family, you were able to hide for no less than 15 years… …”

In the darkness of the night, the Four-Winged Vulture headed straight for Snow Eagle Nest.


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Xue ying lingzhu – latest work from I eat tomato – sypnosis

Xue ying lingzhu – Snow Eagle Lords

Author: I eat tomato

In the Anyang provinces of the Empire, there are a very small amount of territories ruled by some humble nobels, called–snow eagle lords!
the Story starts here!
NOTE : SNOW EAGLE LORDS IS THE LITERAL TRANSLATION. yeah sorry,  I couldnt figure it out. I’ll edit my mistakes as i read more.
(this is the latest ongoing chinese novel from the famous author I eat tomato. I currently plan to translate some chapters with my sucky translations.)
JET’s note : This is not an accurate translation and is rather amatuer, mostly done by using machine translations.
Interested translaters, you can take over this project anytime you want. Just leave a comment to notify Jet.

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Battle through the heavens – Chapter 335 – Nalan Yanran, defeated? (teaser)

Feeling the powerful qi rising from Xiao Yan’s body, a ray of surprise flashed in the eyes of Nalan Yanran. The boy that suffered everyone’s taunt and shame in Xiao main house that year is totally different now.


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Battle through the heavens – chapter 334 – the appointment of three years!

JET’s note : This is not an accurate translation and is rather amatuer, mostly done by using machine translations. if you dont find this upto your standards, wait till gravity does these chapters. Ofcourse these chapters contain spoilers so beware. if anyone from gravity does find this to be useful, gravity or Wuxiaworld is free to host these chapters. of course this needs lotta editing and proofreading, but I doubt gravity would notice this.
“Xiao Yan!”
Plain simple words, slowly drifting on the huge square filled the square with the atmosphere of slight turbulence and disorder.
on the Venue, numerous eyes from disciples of misty clouds look with their various emotions to the stone steps where the young man wearing black robes is standing. because this young man named Xiao Yan, is no stranger to them. his relationship with Nalan yanran , made him a lot of misty clouds disciples weekday talk material. Of course, at the often mention of the name, most people treat it with slightly some disdain and sarcasm. A child from small family wants to marry a princess with noble status like Nalan Yanran, which in their eyes, no doubt seem overconfident. Especially when after the matter of three year agreement  spread everywhere, the voice of sarcasm, got rich. of course, aside from sarcasm, there are some people  jealous for some reason.
As an  unattainable  less sovereign of misty clouds, countless disciples see her as goddess in their mind. on Weekday meetings, seeing that always maintained indifferent expression on the face with delicate cheeks. anyone who wants to get in close contacts with them, all will return in failure. And this Xiao Yan that almost became her husband, By  man’s nature it is extremely easy to have certain misshapen jealousy.

these misty cloud disciples further driven with envy, have  very poor impression of the never met Xiao Yan. In conversations, mostly Xiao Yan’s name is always said with ridicule or as a worthless.

However, today, even in the face of nearly thousand disciples of misty clouds and their momentum, but still maintaining a flat and calm looking youth, some of the shrewd disciples, after discarding those negative emotions, their mind was somewhat filled with awe-inspiring emotion. So indifferent to the situation, they waited to see what the famous waste of Xiao clan has to reveal.


Nalan yanran’s bright eyes firmly fixed on the body of not far from that slightly thin young man, eyes stopping on top of that delicate face, where she could faintly make out the outline of the juvenile from years ago. but just in three years, the tender and water eyed sharp boy was gone. now in front of youngster’s face, there is no trace of sudden outbreak of that year in xiao hall, instead that sharp spirit looks deep and restrained.

“He …… really changed.” that sentence quitely emerged in her mind. Nalan sweet eyes him with  little bit complicated smile. she had never thought of before, that the waste actually fearlessly came to the misty clouds , and in the face of thousands of disciples, remained firm as the breeze, without the slightest tension and discoloration.

“Nalan jie, Nalan yanran ……” Slowly standing up, Nalan yanran’s charming body  was like a proud and tall lotus, bright eyes staring at Xiao Yan, her voice is calm. “This is the little guy from Xiao family?? saying it was a waste that can not be store qi??” Above giant trees, Tiān jiāzhòng looked at Xiao Yan with surprise in his eyes. Giving a light laugh he added: “Oh, you can see him as he has  some tolerance, not leaking any of his qi out of his body, and even maintaining his calm in the momentum of those old guys from Misty clouds upfront, not many people are capable of doing so.”

not far from him,  Fàguó MA nodded slightly. eyes slowly swept on Xiao Yan, a moment later, after momentarily stopping his gaze  on the face, suddenly furrowing his brows, said aloud: “I do not know why, but it seems that he has a very familiar aura. “

Oh, so you also feel this way...... heard, Tiān jiāzhòng  smiled a little, with his deep eye staring at Xiao Yan, said: where have we met…….
fa ma brow’s wrinkles deepened and eyes eyes flashed at Xiao Yan, but didn’t say anything.

“Hey, Nalan old guy, is that the kid that almost became your son-in-law of Nalan family, that  Xiao kid? Does not look like the rumored  waste of a guy, so tolerance and  calm mind,  I have ever seen that in a few young men. ” Mu zuangshen glued eyes leave the body of xiao yan, turning it to Nalan jie  and smiles. slightly schadenfreude,  a son-in-law discarded as waste is now shown, but turns out to be far more better than some known  genius of the people. Although Nalan jie is not going to take that as kind of deep sorrow and regret but the mood will be more or less also troubled.

Nalan jie makes an ugly face to mu zuangchen. as if too lazy to retort, he sneered to it as nonsense but continues to look at that handsome young man, his thoughts tumbling in his mind.
Although Nalan Jie knew the name Xiao Yan has been out of the wastes category, but now after the showcase of his mind and concentation ,  he still has a great feeling to get his heart surprised. astounded, but only gives a sigh of regret. Things to this point, words are no help. he can only hope that after the end of this so-called  three years agreement, the ill feelings between Xiao Yan and Nalan yanran can melt, if it can be reconciled …… of course This may be over potimistic but, even if that is no longer possible. but if there is no longer resentment between  Xiao Yan and Nalan family, it will make Nalan jie slightly feel better. after all, this young little guy, now in Nalan jie’s opinion, basically already has all the conditions to become strong ……

Excellent mental concentration, excellent talent cultivation and that perseverance to adhere to a three-year agreement. with these things, Xiao Yan road leading to the strength will be smooth and clear, and he does not want grudge with full of potential youngster, Nalan jie does not think this of this as a pleasant thing. “It seems that those people dispatched to contact Xiao family , ah ……” sighing in his heart, Nalan jie shook his head, mind in turmoil, and now he can only wait for  the  results of upcoming three years appointment. on the field after Nalan yanran  stood up, a dozenor so white-robed old men above the stand also finally slowly opened their eyes.   eyes stopping on the stone steps where that youth wearing black robes stood. looking at  at each other, are all somewhat surprised. With doubtful mind they glanced at Nalan jie. Regardless of their view of current Xiao Yan or both parties, they couldn’t see the famous cripple of Xiao family who suffered taunts in him.   “You, Are you Xiao Yan from the xiao clan?” Located in the heart of all old white robe elders, the elder looked at Xiao Yan.  After a long while, slowly opened his eyes. sweeping his gaze on the white robed elders, Xiao Yan found that central elder should have a high status in Misty clouds. Because since he started talking, all the other white robed elders surrounding him kept silent.     “I’m an elder of misty clouds, Yun bian. “Xiao Yan not interfacing, the elder keeps saying in and self serving authentic voice:” today the sovereign has not come back yet, so this three-year appointment, will be presided over by this old man. This competition, is not intended to change pointers, but it is a…… “ “Life and death duel, determining their fate. “Low voice suddenly rang out, interrupting all other discourse in the square.

All eyes in the field following the voice, stop at the quiet black-robed young man. Each eye  looking with slightly different look. A lot of people didnt expect him to reply. After all his opponent was a personally trained disciple of Misty cloude’ sovereign, training her as her successor.

“Oh, entertaining kid……” high above the trees an eccentric old guy could not help but laugh out loud. Even more so, also giving a thumbs up to Xiao  Yan.

Nalan Yanran’s eyes light up as she stares at the black robed youth’s dark eyes. She seems to see some difficult to mask fluctuations, ie it resentment?

After a long time, she nodded slightly, in cold voice said: “as you like.

Listening to the answer of Nalan Yanran, Yun Bian’s brows slightly wrinkle. Xiao Yan now  suddenly interrupting, The prestige of Misty clouds is not low so some of the elders feel unhappy. But they also know that Xiao Yan has stripped his name of being a cripple. Nalan Yanran’s talent is also not low, and with misty clouds’s finest training, her strength progress was simply too fast. Yun bian fears that in this fight, they dont wanna come off as bullies.

  “Young man, I admire you. but since you’re claiming to be ready, i will let you fight. even in Death,  that’s your fate. “Yun bian lightly said while waving his hand. Mouth off a touch of the arc, Xiao Yan heart can not help some of you want to sneer, always leaving the line, then, is so absolutely do Nalan sweet, can someone let her stay What line? Hold the handle foot palm slowly, suddenly a pumping, mysterious feet with a wave of oppression wind, Xie Zhi ground, ruler winds, blowing the dust on the ground into the sky, pale green grudge wind around the body surface, Xiao Yan staring Nalan sweet: “About three years, I have come to the party today, to get rid of the past grudge it when you give me Xiao shame, today …… please come back ……..”

Lightly lifting the corners of his mouth, Xiao Yan could not help but want to sneer at him. What admiration, will you keep your word when it’s Nalan Yanran on the other end?

Holding the handle of the huge black sword gently, suddenly the huge sword sent a huge oppressive wind everywhere. The dust kept blowing to the sky and pale green colored qi spread out out from the surface of the sword, surrounding Xiao Yan. Staring at Nalan Yanran, he said, ,”for our  three years agreement, I have come here today. To get rid of our past grudges and the shame I suffered in Xiao main hall  … … Today, I’ll take it all back…… “

Her hand stretched out and with an emerald ring’s flashing light, a slender pale blue sword flashed out. When the blade tilted a little, it gave a bright light under the sun, reflecting a cold luster.

Nalan Yanran’s eyes met with his dark eyes, giving a slightly regretful sigh. In a faint voice she said:” I wanted to call the shots for my own marriage. Even though three years have passed now, but I do not think  I did wrong. I have the right to choose my own destiny. Perhaps it was just my own improper behaviour. But if the time returns, I think I will still do so the same. “

Wink gradual return indifferent, Xiao Yan holding palm foot handle increasingly tight, after a moment, feet before suddenly step forward, place to stay, hard quartzite, actually to the soles of the feet spread out at a few cracks, surging green grudge , mixed with some blue flame Xu, Xiao Yan body surface from storm surge into the sky.

“Improper behaviour……” Xiao Yan chuckled. Just an improper  behavior, and you want to shirk away from your outragous acts? This seems to be a bit too simple, right?

Expression returning to indifference, Xiao Yan holds the huge black sword tightly. After a short time, suddenly stepping forward, a few cracks actually started spreading from where the foot landed. Green qi mixed with blue flames suddenly emerged, engulfing the surface of Xiao Yan’s body and surging to sky.

“Let’s start……”

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next plans

I plan to translate some Battle through the heavens chapters, mainly some 5-6 chapters for now. of course, its way ahead of gravity translated chapters, so beware for spoilers and only read it if you dont mind reading ahead…..

see ya next week.

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Chapter 2 – beautiful policewoman and underwear thief

Chapter 2 – beautiful policewoman and underwear thief

To say, on  Internet information travels so fast these days.

I swim in the pool after dozens of laps, then took a shower, even a total of one hour of time was not spent. at that time there was a phone call. of course, this phone is what Zhao Tiezhu usually use for normal tasks, and another phone for his job.

“Hello, hello, is this Mr. Zhao Tiezhu?” A bit stiff female voice came from the end of the line.

“Yes, who are you?” Zhao Tiezhu spoke with phone in one hand and picked up a towel from the side.

“Hello, I saw your leasing advertising online on a site , may I ask you if that is your private property or leasing company’s?”

“My own.”

“You have a legitimate identification?”

“The price .. this, It’s just for private rent ….”

“You can ensure financial security of it?”

“This one ….”

“Can you provide personal safety of it?”

“The price …”

“Your fire-fighting facilities have been tested?”

“The price ..”

“You have full insurance don’t you?”

“I have your sister.” Zhao Tiezhu cursed, then hang up the phone. “I have a headache….”

Zhao Tiezhu picked up the computer in his leasing advertising to pay more of the line. Then turned off the computer, lie down and slept.

“Bang bang bang.”

There was a huge knock on the door a few times coming from downstairs.

“There are no manners ah, I was finally close to have a wet dream, just to enter the dream and to be awakened.” Zhao Tiezhu depressely said. He picked up the phone and looked at the time, it was over seven in the morning.

Quickly went to sleep again, to see if he can continue the dreaming. Zhao Tiezhu simply not minded the birds outside, pulled the quilt, to dream of beauty again later.

“Bang bang bang.” Came the knock on the door continued, but Zhao Tiezhu still ignored it.

After a while, knocks on the door stopped, Zhao Tiezhu was secretly pleased, finally followed by sleep.

“Boom.” a bigger bang sound came from downstairs, along with some sounds of things smashed around.

“what the??, terrorist attacks ah?” Zhao Tiezhu was scard and he rushed out of the room.

Lying on the railing and looking down his front door to see the broken door, and the poor wood door on the ground was broken into two pieces quite voilently. A figure appeared in the doorway.

“Hello, yesterday I … … “The figure heard the sound upstairs at the door, looked up and was preparing to speak, but she did not expect to see the gruesome scene …

Let’s look at the story back down from Zhao Tiezhu’s viewpoint to very start? Speaking last night before falling asleep, Zhao Tiezhu has a habit of not likihg to wear anything while sleeping, that is of course naked. because he felt “that” at night, the lower body will slowly develop. if wearing underwear, it binds the healthy development of his own little “brother”. it is not very ethical, very unhealthy lifestyle. from childhood, Zhaotie Zhu has always slept naked.

Until, this morning, because that loud noise scared him, he forgot that he is now naked, on the railing that went straight, and everyone knows, each Virgin at morning will be Tippin ‘, also called morning wood, because of zhao’s wet dream, Zhao’s small iron is now an iron column without general indifference, towering as a king high of majesty. as Kings General of momentum, the figure of the woman downstairs looks as about to scream, but no sond is coming out…….

Zhaotie Zhu being infinite shameless, he was not a little embarrassed, because in his view, the country is now very harmonious, it’s the same like a large chest woman who likes to wear low-neck dress to attract men in general. Being watched, you suffer on your own, you can’t say you stole the family beauty of spring, right? it Is the so-called equality between women and men, and harmonious society.

Zhao tie Zhu hesitent started coming downstairs just like that when, as a few years killer exercise of super strong perception, he sensed a murderous intent. the powerful murderous intent was coming from the woman downstairs!

This murderous intent is so awe-inspiring, is so decisive.

“My, also running around with a gun.” Looking down on the woman, she was holding a dark muzzle, Zhao tie Zhu quickly hid himself. and started thinking of plan to hide himself or kill her.

It was at this time, Zhao Tiezhu just thought of how this is his home. this woman looks as though she came from a good house. so he carefully came forward and carefully looked at the woman downstairs, a black uniform, on shoulder a few shining silver stars, under knee-length skirt is a faint trace of flesh-colored black silk, full chest which is a destruction weapon itself, and combined with the pistol, she’s a weapon of general destruction. Looking at that face, though covered with murderous intent, but behind that, a faint hint of shyness could be seen.This little face like lingers on zhao’s heart for a moment.

“I say, police officer, the gun can not be used indiscriminately to play this game, to go as to fire it, it is not a joke. Now, you and I sit down, drink a little tea, talk about life, would that not be a pleasure?” Zhao Tiezhu teased .

“You rascal, hurry and go get dressed!” Policewoman coldly shouted.

after Listening closely to this sound,it sounds like yesterday’s call from that full insurance woman, huh? Zhao Tiezhu puzzledly looked at the woman and saw the policewoman point the gun, Zhao Tiezhu got cold sweat. she hurriedly said, “go, go.”

A few minutes later, zhao fully dressed appeared in the railing, policewoman put the gun away and sat close up.

“I say, officer. this is a strong built house, and you do this? but we live in a society riled by law, so I’m going to sue you for harmful activities.” Zhao Tiezhu sees the gun close up.

“Well, I knocked on the door for so long, I thought you had been kidnapped or something, did not think that you should do something so outrageous.” Policewoman looked at Zhao Tiezhu in contempt.

“you tell me What is outrageous thing ah, I didnt take you to slander people, It’s my little boy which will produce eight children, dont know what morning erection is? Your man did not teach you? Or your man couldn’t even do that? “Zhaotie Zhu said angrily and thought, these days people are so rude and outrageous.

“Do you believe it or not!!! I will shoot you at va place where you will have no longer an erection without it?” Said the policewoman ferociously, “you come down, I have something to ask you.”

“I think this is better. what do you say officer, I’m innocent, I will be glad working with you.” Zhao Tiezhu stoop body still lying on the railing, he lazily said.

“is there not a room for rent?” The policewoman asked.

“Ah yeah, but I am only renting to young girls, so …..” Zhao Tiezhu interestingly looked at her from head to toe, with an Unspoken look.

“What! You mean to say that I am not a young girl? I tell you, I, Su Yan Ni, just this year graduated from police academy, aged 24! Keep your wolf eyes open and watch carefully.” That policewoman replied.

“Tut tut. I really have to look a little closer.” Zhao Tiezhu squints slightly, desperately staring at Su Yan Ni’s chest, looking at his appearance at this time if it was a full moon night, it was as if he was ready to evolve into a werewolf. looking at that Su Yan-ni swallowed a mouthful saliva.

“haven’t you seen enough.” Su Yan Ni face got a little bit colder. A few days ago I heard someone reported, recently there has been an underwear thief near Lake district, often stealing underwear from Some girls and panic in nearby woman. on the Internet last night, she happened to see leasing information, renting rooms to only young, single girls? this can not help but make her feel a chill suspicion. so by last night she called to ask. Su Yan Ni can feel the landlord is an impatient person, and normally a generally impatient person, within the fire more prosperous in him, it’s often easy to act something similar like stealing someone’s underwear. Su Yan Ni admired his ability to reason, and in order to personally catch the underwear thief, Su Yan Ni decided to come as tenants moved into this house, she could properly monitor the landlord. just waiting till He dors the crime again, and catch him red handed with stolen goods and the others.

Zhao Tiezhu did not know what was in Su Yan Ni’s heart, and that he had already put up in same category of underwear thief.

“are You gonna rent me a room or not?” Su Yan Ni became impatient and asked, in her view, by virtue of her beauty, if Zhao Tiezhu is that underwear thief, then it is sure for him to make her live here.

Sure enough, Zhao Tiezhu stared for a while at Su Yan Ni. then he said. “Rent, how do you want to rent ah ??”

“Of course, I want to rent a room.” Su Yan Ni said.

“Simple, one room costs 2000 pieces a month. You have to pay the rent once every three months. utilities included in the rent, telephone charges flat and split.” Zhao tie Zhu said.

“A month 2000? Expensive, you might as well be trying to steal.” Su Yan-ni said.

“2000 is expensive? lakeside villa ,from which you can feel the fresh air of the West Lake, the courtyard, there is a separate pool, Where did you rent such a good house for just 2000 ah.” Zhao Tiezhu put a great deal.

Well, reluctant to let the wolf set his eyes on women, and this aunt will sent you to your prison herself. thinking that, Su Yan Ni said: “Well, I’ll rent.”

“Yes, three months for 6000, plus the compensation fee of the door, you give me a total of 10000 $.”

“You !!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Chapter 1 – Assassination is No Good, Let’s Change Professions

Chapter 1 – Assassination is No Good, Let’s Change Professions

‘Sigh. It has been a month or so without business…’ Zhao Tie Zhu yawned borely. He stretched, and accidentally bumped the nearby beer bottle, which made dinging and jingling sounds.

“Tick. You have a new message.” Zhao Tie Zhu’s phone suddenly vibrated. The colour of his face instantly changed because there was a job. He rummaged through the garbage bin under his computer, and found the cellphone that even he didn’t know when it got dropped into there, then he quickly opened the message.

“Damn, what is this? When did I become so cheap? Giving only 20 million for killing 5 people. I, Demon Shadow, am such a famous assassin, so I shouldn’t be looked down this much…” Zhao Tie Zhu sighed sorrowfully. But, sadly, in the current era, this type of business was hard to find. Zhao Tie Zhu looked at his wallet which was empty for who knew how long. Money came fast, but it was also spent fast. It had only been one month without business, but he had already spent all the money he had on him.

“Whatever whatever. If it’s 20 million then it’s 20 million. Damn, after this I’m done. I need to find a more stable job and get some marriage money.” As he was lighting a cigarette, Zhao Tie Zhu flipped through his messages.

It was night.

In a boxing stage underground in Ginza, Japan. Two boxers were having a life-and-death battle with their hands. In a private room, several large people in black stood behind a fat person. There was one woman on the left and one on the right of the fatty. As he was watching the battle on the stage, he was also pestering around with the two woman. It was marvelous both onstage and off, and on both places you could hear heavy breathing noises.

Just at that time, a dagger suddenly appeared in the air. With a whoosh, the fatty’s main artery got slashed open within a blink. You could only hear a faint sound. The first. The scarlet red blood squirted out, just like a brilliant firework. Only then did the bodyguards find out that their boss was killed by someone.

In the short few hours, murder cases appeared in several different places in Ginza. The thing that made people shocked was not a single person even saw the shadow of the murderer. Some experienced people in the underworld knew that it was the work of Demon Shadow. There was a saying in the underworld: If you were unable to figure out why you were randomly sent to Heaven, then it must have meant that the Demon Shadow appeared.

One day later, Zhao Tie Zhu entered a bank leisurely and contented. He occasionally stared at the beautiful bank worker wearing a uniform behind the counter, and he licked his lips once in while, also swallowing his saliva. If he looked vulgar then so be it.

Zhao Tie Zhu ignored the glares of hatred from some women, and walked directly up to a counter. He gave the bank card he was holding to the female worker behind the glass window, and said to check how much money he had inside.

The worker frowned, and received the card that seemed a bit black. The sticky feeling on the card only made the female worker frown even tighter.

After sliding the card in her hand along the machine, and looking at the long series of 0s, the female worker widened her cherry-like small mouth.

Haha, Zhao Tie Zhu was very proud of himself. That person, he didn’t have any other strong points, but he really liked to pretend that he had something. Within all the pretending, the feeling of being rich was the best feeling.

Of course, seeing that Zhao Tie Zhu’s card had so much money, the female worker instantly switched her face, and said warmly, “Mister, there is 20 million left in your card.”

“Sigh, I don’t even how many days I need to spend all this money.” Zhao Tie Zhu said with a bit of annoyance, and the eyes of the worker got brighter and brighter.

“Do you need to withdraw money?” The worker asked.

“No need, just return the card back to me.” Zhao Tie Zhu said.

The worker reluctantly gave the card back to Zhao Tie Zhu, and under the card there was an extra paper slip.

His mouth curved up into a thinking smile, and his fingers accidentally contacted the female worker’s. Traces of charm appeared in her eyes for an instant.

He walked out of the bank, and rubbed his fingers together. The paper instantly became fragments.

“Meaningless.” Both of Zhao Tie Zhu’s hands supported the back of his head, and an unlit cigarette was being held on the corner of his mouth while he walked without a goal on the streets.

“The flourishing period of real estate starts today! After being well renovated, the lakeside villa will only be 18 million Yuan! Everyone, purchase it early as soon as possible~” Zhao Tie Zhu suddenly heard that someone was yelling on the streets. He turned his head to the side, and he found out that it was real estates beginning to be sold.

“Hurry up and buy one! Buy one for your parents, buy one for your wife! If the parents don’t want it and you don’t have a wife, then buy one for yourself! If it’s too big for living by yourself, then you can rent it out~ One month’s worth of rent would be a good couple tens of thousands! This is a rare chance of a long term investment and a stable income~~”

Zhao Tie Zhu was suddenly distracted. That’s right, didn’t he want to leave the world of assassins? Why not buy a villa to rent it out, that way every month there would be at least some income. Although it wouldn’t be enough for him to spend all his time in drinking and pleasure, but at least he wouldn’t need to worry about clothing and food~~ In Zhao Tie Zhu’s mind, there wasn’t a lot of knowledge about investments, so he just followed the sound and walked over there.

The lady that was selling saw someone coming, so she immediately said, “Boss, it seems that you are still young, you have a majestic appearance, your face is vigorous, and your looks bring great women… Waa, with a single look I can tell that you are a handsome youth that is successful!”

“What women? I’m still single after all these years. Where’s the women…” Zhao Tie Zhu smiled and said.

“Boss, if you buy our villa, then you don’t even need to talk about the women. You get as many as you want.” The selling lady was really quite some person. Sway a bit in the East, talk a bit of nonsense in the West, and suddenly she sold the villa to Zhao Tie Zhu.

After paying with a slide of the card, Zhao Tie Zhu bought a villa that belonged all to himself just like that.

After all the paperwork, the selling lady gave a pair of keys to Zhao Tie Zhu, and said, “Congratulations boss! From now on, you belong to the group that own villas, and while other people are still staying in their humble abode, you have already walked in front front front of others! As celebration, we should go and have a drink right?” The lady sent a pair of charming eyes towards his direction.

Looking at that face full of makeup and the flat-chested body, Zhao Tie Zhu quickly said, “Leave it leave it, I still need to move some stuff. Next time, next time.” After saying that, he left the real estate agency as if he was flying.

When Zhao Tie Zhu arrived at his current living area, he looked at his room. He put away his computer, randomly took a few clothes, and walked out of the room.

Looking at the address that the real estate lady gave him, Zhao Tie Zhu arrived in the villa area located next to the West Lake. After searching for directions for half the day, he finally arrived at his own villa.

The location of the villa was quite nice. Walking into the villa, the real estate company already did a good renovation on the villa, and Zhao Tie Zhu felt that it was fine as he looked at it so he didn’t have any more plans to renovate it again. The villa had two floors, plus an attic, and it had a total of 10 rooms. The area was quite large, and the renovations were nice as well.

Arriving at the largest bedroom, Zhao Tie Zhu threw his clothes on the side, and laid on the bed. This was the first time that he owned such a house in the many years. Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t know at what age his parents left him, so he growed up with his grandmother. Later on, his grandmother died, then he became a solitary man. As for why he became a well-known assassin in the world, it all started from one of Zhao Tie Zhu’s fortunate jouneys.

The story was quite cliche. In the year of his graduation, Zhao Tie Zhu skipped class to wander around, and he was dallying women in their homes. Perhaps the Heavens couldn’t look past that, so he got struck by lightning. When he woke up, he found out that he could strangely go invisible, and his body was like Superman. He didn’t have the awareness of being a hero to use his abilities for good, so the easiest thing to do was to be an assassin. It didn’t matter how strict you guard, with invisibility, he could kill you with an easy slash.

Within a short month he became famous in the world of assassins, and the name of Demon Shadow was known by more and more people. After that, plenty of confusing things happened, but no need to say more than what was necessary. Later on, everyone will slowly understand.

From then until now, in the current peaceful world, the assassination business was becoming harder and harder to do. So from today on, Zhao Tie Zhu really planned to change for the good.

After thinking about some random things, he started to sleep unhurriedly.

The next day, Zhao Tie Zhu got up early, and he was thinking that since he had the house, he should rent it out. With that thought, he couldn’t help but laugh a bit. He opened up his computer, went on the internet, and got onto the most famous social forum. He wrote an advertisement for renting out the rooms in the house. The advertisement was very simple: Lakeside villa, cheap rent, welcoming 20-30 year old single women to come in and live. No males.

After sending the advertisement, Zhao Tie Zhu walked to the balcony, and looked at the nearby West Lake. At that time, a slight drizzle was floating in the air, and the West Lake in the distance seemed to be enveloped in a dense fog.

Back in those days, she seemed to have liked this kind of scenery.

Zhao Tie Zhu lightly massaged his temples, flattened the cigarette butt that was in his hands, leaped, and jumped down from the balcony.

Whoosh! Splashes of water rose from the outdoor swimming pool downstairs.


credits to : http://flowerbridgetoo.com/2015/04/12/ss-1-assassin-landlord-meets-beauty-tenants/

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